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John Guerard

Affiliate Instructor


John B. Guerard, Jr., Ph.D. was Director of Quantitative Research at McKinley Capital Management, in Anchorage, Alaska., while this book was penned. He has transitioned the McKinley Capital Management Scientific Advisory Board with Harry Markowitz, Ganlin Xu, Jose Menchero, and Rochester Cahan. He earned his AB in Economics from Duke University, MA in Economics from the University of Virginia, MSIM from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Texas, Austin. John taught at the McIntire School of Commerce, the University of Virginia, Lehigh University, and Rutgers University. John taught as an adjunct faculty member at the International University of Monaco, Rutgers University, and the University of Pennsylvania. He worked with the DAIS Group at Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, Daiwa Securities Trust Company, Vantage Global Advisors, and served on the Virtual Research team at GlobeFlex Capital.  John co-managed a Japanese equity portfolio with Harry Markowitz at Daiwa Securities Trust Company. While serving as Director of Quantitative Research at Vantage Global Advisors (formerly MPT Associates), Mr. Guerard was awarded the first Moskowitz Prize for research in socially responsible investing.  Mr. Guerard has published several monographs, including the Handbook of Financial Decision Making, (Probus Publishing Company, 1989, with H. T. Vaught), Corporate Financial Policy and R&D Management (Wiley, 2006, second edition), Quantitative Corporate Finance (Kluwer Academic Publishing, 2007, with Eli Schwartz), Introduction to Financial Forecasting in Investment Analysis (Springer, 2013), and Portfolio and Investment Analysis using SAS (SAS Press, 2019). John has edited Advances in Mathematic Programming and Financial Planning (JAI Press, 1987, with Kenneth Lawrence and Gary Reeves), The Handbook of Portfolio Construction: Contemporary Applications of Markowitz Techniques (Springer, 2010), Portfolio Construction, Measurement, and Efficiency: Essays in Honor of Jack Treynor (Springer, 2017), and  Handbook of Applied Investment Research (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2020, with W.T. Ziemba). John serves an Associate Editor of the Journal of Investing and The International Journal of Forecasting. Mr. Guerard has published research in The International Journal of Forecasting, Management Science, the IBM Journal of Research and Development, Research in Finance, the Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Investing, the Journal of Forecasting, Research Policy, and the Journal of the Operational Research Society.

Group photo John Guerard, Harry Markowitz, and Ganlin Xu