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M.Sc. Careers

The Master of Science degree offered by our department is valued very highly.  Most of our students obtain the degree in one year, allowing them to move on to the next stage of their career swiftly.  For some students, the Master of Science degree is a pathway toward a doctoral program.

In the last five years, 90 students* have graduated from our Applied Mathematics on-campus Master of Science program.  Of those students, at least 30 went on to pursue a doctoral program. Below, you will a sample of the institutes attended.

Institute Department or Unit
University of British Columbia Mathematics
University of California, Los Angeles Mathematics
Carnegie Mellon Mathematics
Cornell University Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Houston Mathematical Finance
University of Illinois Applied Mathematics
University of Maryland Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and
Scientific Computation
Northwestern University Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics
Penn State Computational and Applied Mathematics
Tufts University Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington Applied Mathematics; Computer Science &
Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Industrial
& Systems Engineering

Others have gone into industry; here is a look at various positions obtained by our graduates.

Company Position
Airbnb Software Engineer
Allen Institute for Brain Science Data Analyst
Amazon Web Services Associate Solutions Architect
Apple Software Engineer
Boeing Applied Statistician; Applied Mathematician
CenturyLink Consumer Markets Analyst
Conversant Media Associate Analyst
Halliburton Machine Learning Engineer
North Seattle Community College Adjunct Faculty
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Data Scientist
Raytheon Systems Engineer
T-Mobile  Associate Engineer
The Mind Research Network Research Assistant
University of Washington  Research Technologist; STEM Instructor 
Uptake Data Scientist

* student numbers and examples exclude concurrently enrolled students and PhD students who earned the master's en route to the doctoral degree

UW Career & Internship Center

The Career & Internship Center is a valuable resource open to current UW students and UW Alumni.  Services include workshops and career fairs, resume help, and the job search tool known as Handshake.


LinkedIn facilitates the ability for students to search and connect with UW Alumni. Be sure to check out where our alumni work, noting the variety of career options.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) provides a helpful resource on careers for applied mathematicians. They explore the types of problems applied mathematicians may work on, and introduce you to growing fields in industry.