Support Us

Professor and Chair Bernard Deconinck

As many of you are aware, private support is playing a larger and more critical role in the educational mission of public institutions of higher learning, especially as state support is lagging far behind that of private institutions.

We are very grateful for the generous support of our alumni and friends and would like to express our gratitude to those who have supported the educational and research mission of the department in the past. Your gifts are used to provide opportunities for our students, through temporary or permanent changes that federal or state government funding do not support. These enhancements can be both of a structural or personnel-related nature. It is for possibilities such as these that private support makes a real difference, potentially guiding the department in exciting new directions.

The department is committed to being excellent stewards of your support with the purpose of recruiting and retaining the best faculty and students possible, and enhancing our research and teaching goals to remain one of the top programs in the world. Whether it is something you are thinking of now, or as a part of your year-end philanthropic planning, please know how much we appreciate your support. Our current and future students are indebted to you!