Please consider remote advising options as much as possible.
Undergraduate Advising
Graduate Advising

In general, students in AMATH, CFRM, and some pathways of ACMS have priority registration for our courses.  Other students, including those in the minors, must wait for Registration Period II before attempting to add our courses.  (Please see Time Schedule Notes for each section.)  Registration periods are available here.  WE ARE NOT DISTRIBUTING ADD CODES FOR FULL CLASSES except in special circumstances.  Please subscribe to seat availability notifications to attempt to gain a spot if/when one opens, but there is no guarantee.   

WIN24 exceptions:  Waitlists for AMATH 342 AAMATH 402 AAMATH 482 A, and CFRM 410 A will be used in the event that sections are full. Waitlists will open on the first day of registration (Nov 3). However, if course registration is not restricted by add code, the waitlist will not be in use, and students may attempt to gain an available seat through UW Notify.

Undergraduate Advising

Staff: Becky Beard
Location: LEW 230C
Phone: 206-616-0386
Note: Admissions & Advising for ACMS, a separate undergraduate program, is through the Mathematics Department in Padelford C-36

Help Via Email

We encourage you to read through this page before emailing us as it may answer your question!
For questions that can be answered over email, you can email us at Be sure to include your student ID number. Please use email for:

  • Course registration questions that are not answered on our website
  • Questions about the application or admissions process
  • Questions about a minor
  • Questions about a specific class
  • Registration for a course you have permission to add
  • Issues with your degree audit

Advising Appointment for Undergrads in the Major

If you have read through program information, but still have follow up questions, you may schedule an appointment here.  Please indicate in your appointment notes your preferred method of contact: Zoom, phone, or in-person (Mon-Thurs only). Remote appointments are strongly encouraged. 

Drop-In Advising Hours for Prospective Students: via Zoom

Have a quick question? Login for a 5-10 minute drop-in online session during one of the following times. 

Month Tuesday Thursday
December 1:30-2:30pm PT Zoom 2:30-3:30pm PT Zoom
Note: Dec 14 & 28 drop-in times from 9:30-10:30am
January 1:30-2:30pm PT Zoom 2:30-3:30pm PT Zoom

Graduate Advising

  Applied Mathematics Computational Finance &
Risk Management
Contact Sarah Riley
Location: 202 Lewis Hall
Phone: (206) 616-9811
Killian Doran
Location: 219 Lewis Hall
Phone: (206) 616-3099
Advising Options Current AMath students: Please make an appointment with this link.
Prospective students or general assistance: email
Current CFRM students: refer to advising page in
Canvas for drop-in hours and appointments.
Prospective students: email