B.S. to M.S. Pathway

Current University of Washington juniors and seniors in Bachelor of Science programs who complete the following courses and other requirements will be guaranteed admission to a Master of Science in Applied & Computational Mathematics program in the Department of Applied Mathematics.

Admissions Criteria

1. Math 124/125/126
2. CSE 122/123
3. Either AMATH 351 or MATH 207
4. At least two from: AMATH 301, AMATH 352, MATH 208
5. At least two from a/b/c: (a) MATH 381, (b) AMATH 383, (c) MATH/STAT 390 or STAT 391
6. At least three additional AMATH courses, including at least one 400-level class
7. Overall GPA of at least 3.2; combined GPA of at least 3.6 in courses satisfying criteria 2-6, with any of these courses repeated at most once (using the higher grade)
8. Approved course plan for remainder of undergrad program and the MS program.

AP or transfer credit is allowed for certain courses.

How to Apply

Submit your official graduate school application online.  If you meet #1-7 of admissions criteria listed above, you may omit letters of recommendation, but please provide one faculty reference (i.e. the name of a faculty member who you would like us to talk to) in your statement of purpose and note that you are applying for the Path from BS to MS. Students missing one or more of #1-7 may still be considered for admission, and will follow the general admissions process on our website.

When to Apply

Submit an application by the posted deadline in your senior yearLate applications will not be accepted even if you meet the admissions criteria. Admissions decisions are announced by mid February each year.

Program Start

Your starting quarter is the first autumn quarter after you earn your BS degree (e.g. a student graduating from any quarter between Autumn 23 - Spring 24 begins the graduate program Autumn 24).

Advising Contact

Applied Mathematics Graduate Advisor