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Undergraduate Admissions

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • A minimum grade of 2.0 in each of MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 126 (or MATH 134-5-6)  
  • A minimum grade of 2.0 in AMATH 301
  • This is a capacity constrained major and admission is competitive. Successful applicants typically have over a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in courses listed above.  

Information for Prospective Students

  • Office of Admissions: Incoming FreshmenTransfersInternational Students
  • Additional policies, useful links, and resources may be found on our Undergrad Policies & Resources page.
  • Admissions statistics: Below you will find the admissions breakdown by major for our most recent admissions cycle. This information will be updated after the conclusion of each admission cycle.
    • AMath: 158 applicants with an admissions rate of 16%, and an average overall GPA of 3.94.
    • CFRM: 90 applicants with an admissions rate of 30%, and an average overall GPA of 3.89.

      Watch a recorded info session or attend a live session online- see calendar to register for upcoming dates!

How do you apply?

In order to apply, you will need to prepare a brief personal statement.  (Suggested 2,000 character limit.) This statement can be used to express your educational and/or career goals, how you expect to further them by studying in the AMath/CFRM major, and to address any concerns about your record. The AMath Department actively seeks and welcomes students with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. You may also describe how your personal history (family, educational, cultural, and economic background) has influenced your intellectual development, interests, career plans, and goals. This can include relevant experiences outside the classroom or memorable classroom experiences. Additionally, you will need to submit an unofficial UW transcript.

There are two admission pathways for AMath/CFRM majors:  Currently enrolled University of Washington Seattle students and Direct-to-Major entering transfer students.

1) Currently Enrolled UW Seattle Students:
Submit your ONLINE APPLICATION during one of the following admission windows.  Make sure you are logged into your UW Gmail account in another incognito window before clicking the link for the form (Chrome works best).

Applications Open

Applications Close

Decision Notification

Official Quarter Start

8am on September 26, 2022

5pm on October 7, 2022

By October 28, 2022

Winter 2023

8am on March 25, 2023

5pm on April 5, 2023

By April 22, 2023

Autumn 2023

Admissions decisions will be communicated via email. If admitted, follow the next steps listed in the email. If admitted and you do not accept the offer by the deadline stated in the email, you will not be admitted to the major and will need to reapply in a future admission cycle.  

2) Entering Transfer Students:  Direct-to-major transfer applicants must submit a separate departmental application for the same quarter for which they submit an application to UW Seattle. For more information about the University of Washington Transfer Application, visit
Transfer students need to have applied to UW for the same quarter of entry before applying to the AMath/CFRM major.

Applications Open Applications Close Decision Notification Official Quarter Start
8am on December 15, 2022 5pm on April 5, 2023 Late May - Early June Autumn 2023

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