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Applied Math Tutor Directory


  • The Department of Applied Mathematics neither recommends nor endorses any of the tutors listed.  
  • The individuals listed below have asked that they be listed as tutors and have provided information about their areas of expertise.  The Department has not confirmed the background qualifications or abilities of those listed.
  • The tutors listed below set their own fees.  Please contact tutor(s) directly to inquire or hire.
  • To be added to the list, please email your contact info to  Only current applied mathematics students may request to be added.  Please, no outside inquiries.  
Name Email/Phone Website Area of Expertise
Example email 'at'  Site
MATH 100-126, 307-309, 327, 328, 334, 340, 424, 464-466
AMATH 301, 351-353, 401/501, 481/581, 482/582, 584-586
Navid Bahadoran navid28 'at' N/A MATH 100-126, 307 (Calculus I, II, III, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)
Han Yong Wunrow hwunrow 'at' N/A
MATH 100-126, 307-309, 340
AMATH 301, 351-353, 401/501

Syed M. Aun Haider smah96 'at' Site
Finance, Economics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics
Vineet Nadimpally nadimv 'at' N/A
MATH 100-125 and 307
Jiayu Liu jiayuliu 'at' N/A
Portfolio Management, Credit Management and SQL

Xiaowei Liang

liang709 'at'

MATH 100-126, 307, 308
Haiming Zhang hzhan236 'at' N/A
MATH 100-126, 207-209, 307-309
AMATH 301 351-352