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Programs & Courses

Our faculty and students explore applications in the fields of neuroscience, medical imaging, evolutionary biology, mathematical ecology, oceanography, physics, mathematical finance, economics and more using computational and analytical methods. Whatever current scientific area is of interests to you, applied mathematics offers you the tools to use the mathematical framework underlying that area to improve our understanding of specific problems.

Graduate Programs

We offer a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics or Computational Finance. We also offer online master's degrees in Applied Mathematics or Computational Finance. See our Graduate Programs section to learn more.

Undergraduate Programs

Our department offers a minor in Applied Mathematics. Undergraduate students interested in applied math can major in Applied & Computational Math Sciences (ACMS). The ACMS program is a multidisciplinary degree offered jointly by the Departments of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics.  See our Undergraduate Programs section for more information.


We offer online certficiates in Scientific Computing, Computational Finance, and Quantitative Fundamentals of Computational Finance. See Certificates to learn more.


Every quarter we offer courses on a wide range of topics, including scientific computing, differential equations, mathematical modeling, computational finance and risk management, and much more. See the Courses section to learn about upcoming and past courses.