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Ph.D Thesis
Advising Professor(s)
Benjamin Lansdell "On neural encoding: its estimation, application, and development." Adrienne Fairhall
Yian Ma "Irreversibility in Stochastic Dynamic Models and Efficient Bayesian Inference."
Hong Qian
Susan C. Massey "Multi-scale modeling of paracrine PDGF-driven glioma growth and invasion." Kristin Swanson
Scott Moe "High order shock capturing methods with compact stencils for use with adaptive mesh refinement and mapped grids."  Randall LeVeque
Donsub Rim "Uncertainty quantification problems in tsunami modeling and reduced order models for hyperbolic partial differential equations." Randall LeVeque
Daniel Shapero "Data assimilation problems in glaciology."  Randall LeVeque/Ian Joughin
Timothy B. Oleskiw  "On computing shape: a study of the neural processes concerning naturalistic boundary conformation within the ventral visual pathway." Eric Shea-Brown 
Niket Thakkar "Energy and Charge Transfer in Open Plasmonic Systems." David Masiello
Benjamin Segal "The stability and instabilities of stationary solutions to the nonlinear Schroedinger and sine-Gordon equation." Bernard Deconinck


Xing Fu "Integrating Data-Driven Methods in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Control, Sparsity, and Machine Learning." Nathan Kutz
Jakob Kotas "Dynamic, convex, and robust optimization with Bayesian learning for response-guided dosing." Archis Ghate
Bethany Lusch "Machine learning and data decompositions for complex networked dynamical systems."  Nathan Kutz
Syuzanna Sargsyan Dimensionality hyper-reduction and machine learning for dynamical systems with varying parameters.  Nathan Kutz
Mauricio del Razo Sarmina "Stochastic Modeling of Reversible Biochemical Reaction-Diffusion Systems and High-Resolution Shock-Capturing Methods for Fluid Interfaces." Randall LeVeque/Hong Qian


Natasha A. Cayco Gajic "Coordinated Neural Activity: Mechanistic Origins and Impact on Stimulus Coding." Eric Shea-Brown
Kathleen M. Curtius "Multiscale Modeling of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma." Georg Luebeck
Mikala C. Johnson "Self-Optimizing Metamaterial Antennas." Nathan Kutz
Pedro D. Maia "Mathematical Modeling of Focal Axonal Swellings Arising in Traumatic Brain Injuries and Neurodegenerative Diseases." Nathan Kutz
Natalie E. Sheils "Interface Problems Using the Unified Transform Method." Bernard Deconinck 
Olga Trichtchenko "On the Instability of Water Waves with Surface Tension." Bernard Deconinck 


Meng-Huo Chen "Analysis of an Aggregation-based Algebraic Multigrid Method and its Parallelization." Anne Greenbaum 
Yu Hu "Collective Activity in Neural Networks: the Mathematical Structure of Connection Graphs and Population Codes." Eric Shea-Brown 
Jihwan Kim "Finite Volume Method for Tsunamis Generated by Submarine Landslides." Randall LeVeque
Guillaume Lajoie "On Driven Neural Assemblies: Synchrony, Chaos and Entropy." Eric Shea-Brown


Jacob R. Grosek "Data Analysis Techniques Applied to Image Recognition and Dynamical Systems, and Raman Fiber Laser/Amplifier Modeling" Nathan Kutz 
Christopher R. Jones "Single-column and mixed-layer model analysis of subtropical stratocumulus response mechanisms relevant to climate change."  Chris Bretherton
Grady I. Lemoine "Numerical Modeling of Poroelastic-Fluid Systems Using High-Resolution Finite Volume Methods." Randall LeVeque
Russell C. Rockne "Patient-Specific Mathematical Radiation Oncology." Kristin Swanson
Thomas D. Trogdon "Riemann-Hilbert Problems, Their Numerical Solution and the Computation of Nonlinear Special Functions." Bernard Deconinck 
Mingyuan Zhong "Value function approximation methods for Linearly-solvable Markov Decision Process." Emo Todorov
Ying Zhou "Geographic Range Shifts under Climate Warming." Mark Kot


Nicholas Cain "Probabilistic, Statistical, and Dynamical Models of Neural Decision Making." Eric Shea-Brown 
Joshua Jacobs "Vortex Dynamics of Geostrophically Adjusted Density Perturbations in Stratified, Incompressible Fluids." Randall LeVeque/Pascale Lelong
Woo Hyun Kim "A Thermodynamic Characterization of a Diffusion Process in Nonequilibrium Steady State."  Hong Qian
Eleftherios Kirkinis "Renormalization Group Methods in Applied Mathematics."  Robert O'Malley
Laura Matarajt Arbetman "Optimal Vaccine Allocation for Pandemic Influenza." Mark Kot/Ira Longini
Vishal Vasan "Some Boundary-Value Problems for Water Waves."  Bernard Deconinck
Matthew Williams "Exploiting Low Dimensionality in Nonlinear Optics and Other Physical Systems."  Nathan Kutz
Yun Zhang "ETG-ETL Portfolio Optimization." James Burke 
Jiansong Zhou "Climate Response to Solar Variation: Cyclic and Secular." Ka Kit Tung


Lisa Bishop  "The Origin of Noise-Induced Phenomena: A Mathematical Analysis of Mesoscopic Chemical and Biochemical Dynamics." Hong Qian
Jonathan Claridge "Numerical methods and studies of parabolic problems, operator splitting, and adaptive mesh refinement."  Randall LeVeque
Joshua Goldwyn "Mathematical modeling of cochlear implants -- from single neurons to psychoacoustics." Eric Shea-Brown
Edwin Ding "Modeling High-Energy Temporal and Spatial Mode-Locking." Nathan Kutz
Christine Lind "Mathematical Models for Molecular Motors." Hong Qian
Kyle Mandli "Finite Volume Methods for the Multilayer Shallow Water Equations with Applications to Storm Surges." Randall LeVeque
Peizhe Shi "The Coupled Process and its Applications in Cellular Molecular Biology." Hong Qian