Exam Proctors

Exam Proctors

Online students who are not located in the greater Puget Sound area, or who are local but cannot take exams on campus, must arrange for a proctor to monitor their midterm(s) and final exam. Students planning to take exams on campus should confirm space availability with the course TA.  Check with the TA or professor to confirm your seat.

Midterms and finals must be completed on the same day and (if possible) at the same time as the in-class course.  If the indicated schedule cannot be arranged, contact the professor or TA to discuss an alternative time.  For reference, Seattle is in the Pacific time zone and observes daylight saving time.

You must have an approved proctor for each midterm and final exam in all enrolled courses, which may involve several different dates and times every quarter.  Because of these scheduling demands, you may need to identify multiple proctors over the course of your study, but if they are available, you can use the same proctor for all departmental exams/courses.  All proctors will expire at the end of each academic year and must be re-approved in September.

A proctor will provide your exam, stay in the room with you during your exam to ensure that you comply with test conditions, and return the exam to Applied Mathematics/CFRM attesting that all rules were followed.  Exams will be sent directly to your approved proctor and not to any other party.  

Proctors must be one of the following:

  • Staff at a testing or learning center (e.g., Kaplan, Kumon, Sylvan, Huntington)
  • Faculty at an accredited college or university
  • A school administrator, principal, counselor, or instructor
  • A librarian of a public library
  • A corporate education manager or HR professional
  • Staff of US embassies or consular offices
  • Commissioned officers of superior rank
  • A manager or supervisor at least one level above you at your employer

Falsification of information, nominating a personal friend, clergy member, significant other, family member, non-supervising coworker, or other abuse of the proctor process is a serious breach of academic integrity and may result in a certificate or degree being canceled or rescinded.

Proctor Approval

To begin the approval process: 

(1) Have your requested proctor complete and sign the proctor verification form.
(2) Collect a business card or signed letter on official company/organization letterhead to verify their position.
(3) Scan and save these documents as PDF files.
(4) Submit the departmental proctor registration form along with the above PDF files.

You will receive an email confirmation once your proctor is approved.  Remember that your exam will be emailed directly to your proctor and that the exam must be emailed back by the established deadline.  Exams will not be distributed to or accepted from students directly.

You will need to have an approved proctor in place at least 5 business days before an exam. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Graduate Program Advisor, Sarah Riley, at amath-gpa@uw.edu