Rick Durrett: Spatial Evolutionary Games

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The Department of Applied Mathematics is pleased to host this series of colloquium lectures, funded in part by a generous gift from the Boeing Company. This series will bring to campus prominent applied mathematicians from around the world.

Speaker: Rick Durrett

Date: November 14th, 2019, 4pm

Location: (SMI 205)

Title: Spatial Evolutionary Games

Abstract: Game theory, which was invented to study strategic and economic decisions of humans has for many years been used in ecology and more recently in cancer modeling. In the applications to ecology and cancer, the system is not homogeneously mixing so it is important to understand how space changes the outcome of evolutionary games. In this talk we will begin by describing some classic examples in a homogeneously mixing population and then explain how space changes the outcomes of these and other games. No prior experience with game theory and very little mathematical knowledge will be required to follow the talk. You will see some ODEs and PDEs but…

Youtube: Watch the talk online here