Lorena Bociu: Optimal control in fluid-structure interactions

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Speaker: Lorena Bociu, NC State University

Date: January 28, 2021

Title: Optimal control in fluid-structure interactions

Abstract: We are interested in minimizing fluid turbulence in the case of an elastic body moving and deforming inside an inviscid fluid using a distributed control. This translates into analyzing an optimal control problem subject to a moving boundary fluid-structure interaction (FSI). These interactions are highly nonlinear couplings of parabolic-hyperbolic type, described by a mismatch of regularity of the two solutions at the common interface.  The control is inherently a nonlinear control, acting as feedback on the moving frame. Its action depends on the flow map of the domain, which is itself defined through the dynamics of the problem. We discuss our strategies and results related to the well-posedness of the FSI,  the existence of optimal control, and the derivation of the necessary optimality conditions.