Stephanie Dodson: One-dimensional spiral waves and reflection-induced cardiac arrhythmia

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Speaker: Stephanie Dodson, University of California, Davis

Date: May 6, 2021

Title: One-dimensional spiral waves and reflection-induced cardiac arrhythmia

Abstract: When propagated action potentials in cardiac tissue interact with local heterogeneities, counter propagating or reflected waves can sometimes be induced. These reflected waves have been associated with the onset of cardiac arrhythmias, and while their generation is not well understood, their existence is linked to that of one-dimensional (1D) spiral waves. Thus, understanding the existence and stability of 1D spirals plays a crucial role in determining the likelihood of the unwanted reflected pulses. Mathematically, we probe these issues by viewing the 1D spiral as a time-periodic antisymmetric source defect. Through a combination of direct numerical simulation and continuation methods, we investigate its existence and stability in a qualitative ionic model to determine how the systems propensity for reflections are influenced by system parameters. Our results support and extend a previous hypothesis that the 1D spiral is an unstable periodic orbit that emerges through a global rearrangement of heteroclinic orbits and we identify key parameters and physiological processes that promote and deter reflection behavior.