NEW in Autumn 2022: Data Science Option for the Applied Mathematics Undergraduate Major

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Data Science is an integral part of applied mathematics. It incorporates statistical modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization, among other aspects of applied mathematics. Our existing courses in Data Sciences have been used by other departments to satisfy their Data Science options in their undergraduate major programs.  So our majors in Applied Mathematics and CFRM have already received valuable education in data sciences.  The Data Science option in Applied Mathematics at UW is designed to provide students with training in data science methods and practices. Applied Mathematics (AMath) majors who complete all of the required coursework will have the Data Science option credential listed on their transcript upon graduation.

Learn more about the Degree requirements for the AMath major with Data Science option here:

Students may apply for the Data Science option at the time of application to the AMath major. 

Current AMath majors can petition our Undergraduate Program Advisor to enroll in the Data Science Option during the Autumn and Spring admission cycles. They will be admitted first-come, first served, to the Option without further screening, subject only to capacity constraints of our courses. Those who are not admitted during the Autumn cycle will be considered again in the Spring cycle.

Students with questions are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Program Advisor at Drop-in advising and appointments are also available on our advising page.

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