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By Ingrid Richter

It’s always interesting starting a new tech job. In addition to the practical questions (“What type of tech is everyone using?” “Where is everything located?”), there are some larger issues (“What works really well?” “What might become a problem in the future?” “What would make the department even stronger?”)  I’ve been working for AMATH for half a year and I’m still working on these questions.

I’ve worked for a handful of universities across the country. My first post-college job was even for another math department (University of Southern California). I spent four happy years at Columbia University, building servers, recycling tech and documenting everything I could get my hands on. I look forward to doing the same and more here. 

Hats off to the previous systems administrators: Ben Lansdell, Donsub Rim, Andreas Freund, Nathan Lee, Jack Coughlin and anyone else I missed. Nathan, in particular, did an excellent job of catching me up to speed with the department’s needs in a relatively short amount of time.

Since I’ve been here, two staff members have left (farewell Laurie and Lauren!) and one staff member has started (welcome Nick!). I’m no longer the newest member of the staff and I’m excited to see where things go from here.

I look forward to working with all of you, aiding and assisting your tech needs. Please feel free to swing by 204 or send me an email (either at amathsys@uw.edu or iricht@uw.edu). You, and all questions and problems, are always welcome.  Thank you!

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