Congratulations to Anne Liu, Husky 100

Submitted by Ingrid Richter on

It is our pleasure to announce that Anne Liu (Amath BS, Winter 2023) has been recognized as one of the Husky 100.  The purpose of this program is to recognize the outstanding work and achievements of students on all three University of Washington campuses who are making the most of their Husky Experience.  Anne's the first of the great students in our 3-year old undergraduate programs to be so recognized! Congratulations Anne!

At last year's departmental graduation event, Anne received a departmental award for her outstanding undergraduate research with Prof. Tom Trogdon, and for her overall excellent performance in our courses.  Her strong research in numerical methods for nonlinear dispersive equations has since continued. 

Anne will be joining the PhD program in mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University next fall.