Lisa Fauci: Insights from biofluidmechanics: A tale of tails

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The Department of Applied Mathematics is pleased to host this series of colloquium lectures, funded in part by a generous gift from the Boeing Company. This series will bring to campus prominent applied mathematicians from around the world.

Title: Insights from biofluidmechanics: A tale of tails

Abstract: The motion of undulating or rotating elastic `tails’  in a fluid environment is a common element in many biological and engineered systems. At the microscale, we will consider models of the journey of extremely long and flexible insect flagella through narrow and tortuous female reproductive tracts, and  the penetration of mucosal tissue by helical flagella of bacteria. At the macroscale, we will probe the neuromechanics and fluid dynamics of  the lamprey, the most primitive vertebrate and, hence, a model organism. Using a closed-loop model that couples neural signaling, muscle mechanics, fluid dynamics and sensory feedback, we examine the hypothesis that amplified proprioceptive feedback could restore effective locomotion in lampreys with spinal injuries. 

Youtube: At the request of Dr. Fauci, no video was recorded.