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Graduation 2024 Areas
Graduation 2024
Photo of Ryan Creedon
Applied PDE Seminar: Ryan Creedon, Transverse Instability of Stokes Waves in Finite Depth
Gunther Uhlmann
Gunther Uhlmann: Invisibility via Transformation Optics
Jakob Kotas
Congratulations to Professor Jakob Kotas, winner of the Haimo Distinguished College or University Teacher of Mathematics Award
Photo of Huy Nguyen from University of Maryland, College Park
Applied PDE Seminar: Huy Nguyen, Proof of the transverse instability of Stokes waves 
Randall J. Leveque
Congratulations to Professor Randall J. Leveque, recipient of the 2024 CSDMS lifetime achievement award
Dmitry Pelinovsky from McMaster University
Applied PDE Seminar: Dmitry Pelinovsky, On smooth and peaked traveling waves in a local model for shallow water waves
Warren Han
Congratulations to Warren Han, 2024 Bonderman Travel Fellow
Andrew Fowler
Andrew Fowler:  Drumlins
Jonathan Aalto
Congratulations to Jonathan Aalto, Husky 100
Photo of Olivia Cannon
Applied PDE Seminar: Olivia Cannon, Shifting Parties in Social Dynamics: a Nonlocal Approach
Applied PDE Seminar: Christian Kharif, Weakly nonlinear capillary waves on a shear current: Stability  and bifurcation
Joel Tropp
Joel Tropp: Randomly pivoted Cholesky
Diane Henderson
Diane Henderson: Understanding nonlinear surface water waves on deep water
Photo of Xinyu Zhao from McMaster University
Applied PDE Seminar: Xinyu Zhao, On instability of the Taylor-Green vortex in 2D Euler flows
Lisa Fauci
Lisa Fauci: Insights from biofluidmechanics: A tale of tails
Applied PDE Seminar: Ahmad Abassi, The semi-analytic theory and computation of finite-depth standing water waves
Dessert Party Table
Applied Math Dessert Party
Journeys of Black Mathematicians - Seattle Invitation (full poster)
SLMath Film Screening + Director Q&A: "Journeys of Black Mathematicians: Forging Resilience"
Saya Mitchell
Congratulations to Sayako Mitchell, Awarded the 2022-23 Junior Medalist for High Scholarship
Nicole Joseph
Nicole M. Joseph: Making Black Girls Count in Math Education: A Black Feminist Vision of Transformative Teaching
Lewis Hall
Call for Nominations: 2024 Frederic & Julia Wan Lecturer Prize
Houman Owhadi
Houman Owhadi: Computational Hypergraph Discovery, a framework for connecting the dots
Dubs and Stuffed Dubs
Tea Time with Dubs
A Word from the Chair, 2023