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Dessert Party Table
Applied Math Dessert Party
Journeys of Black Mathematicians - Seattle Invitation (full poster)
SLMath Film Screening + Director Q&A: "Journeys of Black Mathematicians: Forging Resilience"
Saya Mitchell
Congratulations to Sayako Mitchell, Awarded the 2022-23 Junior Medalist for High Scholarship
Nicole Joseph
Nicole M. Joseph: Making Black Girls Count in Math Education: A Black Feminist Vision of Transformative Teaching
Lewis Hall
Call for Nominations: 2024 Frederic & Julia Wan Lecturer Prize
Houman Owhadi
Houman Owhadi: Computational Hypergraph Discovery, a framework for connecting the dots
Dubs and Stuffed Dubs
Tea Time with Dubs
A Word from the Chair, 2023
Michael I Jordan
Michael I. Jordan: An Alternative View on AI: Collaborative Learning, Incentives, and Social Welfare
Leveling Up with CFRM
Beyond the Ph.D. Defense and Looking Back
Unexpected Connections
Siam Review September 2023 cover
Rahman's work on the cover of SIAM Review
Things will Change
Artificial Neural Networks are a New Kind of Dynamical Systems
My Experience as a AMATH Master's Student
Towards Resilience: Hard-won wisdom during my PhD journey
Take a peek under the hood
Finding Harmony in Numbers and Art: My Undergraduate Journey in the Amath Department
Advertising one faculty position
Graduation Boeing Award
2023 Department Award Winners
AMATH Phd Graduates
Introducing the Graduates of 2023
Applied PDE Seminar: Vera Mikyoung Hur, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Cancelled)
Beatrice Pelloni
Beatrice Pelloni: Non-smooth behaviour of linearised water waves: the Talbot effect revisited
Photo of Jon Wilkening
Applied PDE Seminar: Jon Wilkening, Long-time nonlinear dynamics of perturbed traveling and standing water waves