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Anne Greenbaum Professor Anne Greenbaum selected as 2022 Sonia Kovalesky Lecturer January 3, 2022
Schematic diagram of multidigraph connections in a neural network. AMATH Graduate Student Helena Liu leads PNAS paper on neural network learning December 20, 2021
The Math Alliance Expands Diversity in STEM through Mentorship December 16, 2021
Jirair Kevorkian Remembering Professor Jerry Kevorkian November 19, 2021
Introducing the PAR Program November 18, 2021
UW departments partner with the Math Alliance to make STEM more inclusive October 22, 2021
Eli Artificial Intelligence Institutes and Applied Math October 5, 2021
FallCampus The Diversity Committee, The Year in Review 2021 October 4, 2021
APAC Adviser of the Month portrait - Sarah Riley CFRM Advisor Sarah Riley named Advisor of the Month September 30, 2021
eli_shlizerman NSF Funds A3D3 Institute to Integrate AI into Scientific Research, with Professor Shlizerman as PI September 30, 2021
BernardWordFromTheChair A Word from the Chair, 2021 September 26, 2021
Kelsey Maass, Megan Morrison, Kelsey Marcinko Writing Math Stories September 15, 2021
Eli Network Computing Fundamentals Are Concealed in the Interface of Neuroscience and AI September 14, 2021
MichaelGabalis My experience as an Undergraduate in the Department of Applied Mathematics September 14, 2021
KTMCD Remote Start September 12, 2021
Lewis Hall Reminiscences of 36 Years in UW Applied Mathematics August 31, 2021
Alanna Adapt, Die, or Migrate: Five Lessons on Personal Adaptation August 31, 2021
Ziyu & Obinna An almost normal first year of graduate school August 23, 2021
HannahChoi My time at UW: Growing into a true interdisciplinary researcher August 12, 2021
JasonBramburger Getting the Most Out of a Year Inside August 4, 2021
nathan kutz Professors Kutz and Brunton to head new UW-led AI Institute for Dynamic Systems July 31, 2021
Tim Leung Prof. Tim Leung Quoted in Bloomberg News on Cryptocurrency July 19, 2021
Ivana Bozic Ivana Bozic receives Johnson & Johnson Women in STEM2D Scholar Award June 17, 2021
UWAward 2021 Department Award Winners June 14, 2021
Graduation Celebration Introducing the Graduates of 2021 June 7, 2021