Prior PhD Degree Requirements

Applied Mathematics PhD Degree Requirements

(for students who entered the program prior to Autumn 2017)

Minimum 90 credits, to include:

  1. Course Requirements: AMATH 567, AMATH 568, AMATH 569; either AMATH 581 or AMATH 584, AMATH 585, AMATH 586; three of AMATH 570, AMATH 571, AMATH 572, AMATH 573, AMATH 574, AMATH 575; Two relevant courses not from the AMATH curriculum; AMATH 600 (4 credits, 2 each with separate faculty members)

  2. Minimum 13 Numerically Graded Courses: The entire course of study, including any exceptions, must be approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and the student’s adviser or faculty mentors.

  3. Supervisory Committee: Formed no later than the end of spring quarter of the first year

  4. Qualifying Examination: Three written two-hour examinations, covering a core of material necessary for successful completion of the PhD program

  5. General Examination: Oral examination administered by the student’s Supervisory Committee, usually taken before the end of the third year

  6. Final Examination: Oral presentation of completed research in a seminar open to the public

  7. Satisfactory Performance and Progress: Satisfactory progress in coursework is based on grades, which are expected to be 3.4 or better. Satisfactory progress on examination requirements consists of passing the different examinations in a timely manner. Department funding is contingent on satisfactory progress.