Prior PhD Degree Requirements (2017, 2018)

Applied Mathematics PhD Degree Requirements

(for students who entered the program Autumn 2017 and Autumn 2018)

  • Minimum 90 credits, to include:
    Two of the following three sequences are required to be taken within the first year in the PhD program:
    • AMATH 561, 562, 563;
    • AMATH 567, 568, 569;
    • AMATH 581 or 584, and 585, 586;
  • AMATH 600 (Reading during the first five quarters, including the first summer) (2×2 credits, each with a different faculty member).
  • At least 9 courses from the amath curriculum

Students have to take a minimum of 13 numerically graded courses. At most two of these can be at the 400 level or be cross listed with courses at the 400 level. The entire course of study of a student and all exceptions to this list must be approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and the student’s advisor or faculty mentors.