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WAMM Participants

2020 WAMM Participants

Student Project Title
Jan Eliza G Dee Analysis and Comparison of Knit stitches using a Mechanical Energy Model
Weien Guo European and American Options Pricing Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Alisha Luo SVD Image Denoising
Sanjana Sathyanarayanan Enigma Encryption
Frances Scott-Weis Neural Networks
Yiru Xiong
Ester Yang Recommender Systems for Movies

Special thanks to mentors: Olga Dorabiala, Ayesha Ghaffar, Nora Gilbertson, Katie Johnston, Echo Liu, Katherine Owens, Doris Voina

2019 WAMM Participants

Student Project Title
Vanessa Lyu Optimal Control in Marriage
Ondrea Robinson HIV Modelling: Recreating Continuous and Burst Models
Anna Zhou Neural Networks
Yiwen Qiu Research About Wealth Inequality
Yiling Sun Supervised Semantic Classification with Principal Component Analysis
Yinxi Pan Predict Survivals on the Titanic

Special thanks to mentors: Doris Voina, Natalie Wellen, Kelsey Maass, Olga Dorabiala, Micah Henson, Nora Gilbertson

2018 WAMM Participants

Student Project Title
Emily Flanagan Bugs! Modeling Host-Parasitoid Systems
Emma Raible MPF and Regulation of the Cell Cycle
Liz Ramsden Finding a function from experimental data
Yusha Wang Discrete Choice Modelling in Airline Network Management
Michelle Yeung Face Detection Using Eigenfaces

Special thanks to mentors: Kathleen Champion, Kelsey Maass, Kelsey Marcinko, Megan Morrison, Saumya Sinha