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Vera Hur
Vera Hur: Unstable Stokes waves: a periodic Evans function approach
Alexey Shevyakov
Alexey Shevyakov: Conservation laws, similarity reductions, and exact solutions for helically symmetric incompressible fluid flows
Andre Nachbin
André Nachbin: Capturing the flow structure beneath rotational waves
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez: A story on relocation strategies, the Allee effect, and the Ideal Free Distribution
Eduard-Wilhelm Kirr
Eduard-Wilhelm Kirr: Nonlinear coherent structures at the Fredholm boundary
Alexei Rybkin
Alexei Rybkin: Hankel operators and the Cauchy problem for the Korteweg-de Vries equation
Jason Bramburger
Jason Bramburger: Snaking bifurcations in higher space dimensions
Benjamin Akers
Benjamin Akers: Dimension breaking and numerical continuation
John P. Albert
John P. Albert: Nondegeneracy of bound states
Alexander O. Korotkevich
Alexander O. Korotkevich: Inverse cascade of gravity waves in the presence of condensate: numerical simulation
Doug Wright: Traveling wave solutions of the capillary-gravity Whitham equation
Massimiliano Berti: Dynamics of water waves
Monica Visan: Recent progress on well-posedness for integrable PDE
Matt Colbrook: Spectral analysis and new resolvent based methods