Frequently Asked Questions


How many students do you accept in the PhD program?
Out of the 300 applications we normally review, we make around 15-20 offers per year. We usually have an average incoming class of 8 students.

What are the deadlines for applications?
December 1st is the priority deadline for applicants; we strongly encourage applicants to submit their applications by the priority deadline.  Please see the admissions page for the final deadline for remaining applicants; applicants who apply by the final deadline will still have their files formally reviewed by the admissions committee for full consideration, but not necessarily on a priority basis. 

When are applications reviewed?
The admissions committee will begin reviewing applications as early as December 1st, but everyone who applies by the deadline receives full consideration.  The admissions page shows when applicants can expect a response.  We kindly request that you not email us to ask about the admissions decision unless you have not heard from us and February 15th has passed.

How can I get feedback on my application?
PhD applicants who identify as members of underrepresented or marginalized groups may receive feedback from the volunteers in the PAR program

Can I apply for any quarter?
We only offer autumn admission.

How can I request an application fee waiver? 
Step 1: See if you qualify for a UW Grad School application fee waiver and follow the instructions provided if so.  Step 2: If ineligible for the above waiver, the department offers a limited number of waivers. Waivers may be granted to applicants who identify as members of underrepresented or marginalized groups. Waivers may also be granted on a need basis. If requesting a waiver for these reasons, please email to explain why you are seeking a waiver (please include your citizenship).

    Do I need to take the GRE general exam?
    It is optional for students to submit the GRE General or Subject exam results. Scores are not required and the absence of such scores will not hurt the application of any applicant. 
    How do I submit my official GRE general scores, if submitting?
    Request that scores be sent to the UW Office of Graduate Admissions from Educational Testing Services (ETS) either during or after you take the test, using code 4854 (University of Washington).
    What is the minimum score you consider in the GRE, if submitting?
    We have no minimum. We consider your application as a whole.
    How do I apply for funding?
    When you fill out your application, you will fill out the Fellowship and Assistantship application so that we determine eligibility for different forms of support. Some students enter our department with external fellowships; most students continue to apply for fellowships during their program.
    How can I find out about more fellowship opportunities?
    We make it a priority to inform students of fellowship opportunities via email or word of mouth. We also encourage students to find opportunities with their advisor or through funding sources such as the National Science Foundation or the Department of Energy. The graduate school keeps a list of possible fellowships and their deadlines. Many fellowships have deadlines in either November or January/March.
    What funding can you offer me?
    Financial support for Doctoral studies is limited to five years after admission to the Ph.D. program in the Department of Applied Mathematics. Support for an additional period may be granted upon approval of a petition, endorsed by the student’s thesis supervisor, to the Graduate Program Coordinator.
    What research opportunities does your program offer?
    Our faculty research page can give you an idea of what opportunities are available, as will our current PhD students’ pages. We offer many different opportunities within the AMATH department, and with our adjuncts in other departments.
    I am interested in a multidisciplinary degree. Can I do my research with a faculty member from another department?
    Certainly; however, we do suggest that you discuss your plans with AMATH faculty.
    Where do doctoral students find positions after graduation?
    Career resources, as well as a look at student pathways after graduation, may be found here.
    What GPA am I expected to maintain for satisfactory academic progress?
    We expect students to maintain a 3.4/4.0 during their program.
    How long is this degree?
    On average, students take 5 years to finish their PhD in AMATH.
    How long do I take classes?
    Generally, students take courses for the first two years of their program.
    How do I find an advisor?
    Upon arrival, incoming students will be assigned two faculty mentors. Until a student settles on a thesis advisor, the faculty mentors aid the student in selecting courses, and they each guide the student through a 2-credit independent reading course on material related to the student’s research interest. The faculty mentors are not necessarily faculty in the Department of Applied Mathematics.
    Who should be on my supervisory committee/ reading committee?
    The full Supervisory Committee should have a minimum of three regular members plus the Graduate School Representative, and will consist of at least two faculty members from Applied Mathematics, one of whom is to be the Chairperson of the Committee. The Dissertation Reading Committee, consisting of three members, is usually formed from the Supervisory Committee. Two members of the Dissertation Reading Committee must be from the Applied Mathematics faculty.
    When do I take the qualifying exams?
    Information on the qualifying exams can be found here.
    When do I take my general exam?
    Information on the general exam can be found here.
    When can I defend my dissertation (take my final exam)?
    Information on the final exam can be found here.
    How do I publish my dissertation?
    Information on publication requirements can be found on the Graduate School webpage.