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Mathematical Biology

Related Faculty

  • Nathan Baker
    Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics, UW-PNNL Distinguished Faculty Fellow
  • Ivana Bozic
    Assistant Professor
  • Elizabeth Halloran
    Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics, Professor of Biostatistics
  • Suresh H. Moolgavkar
    Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Vice President, Exponent, Principal Scientist & Center Director, Epidemiology & Computational Biology
  • James D. Murray
    Professor Emeritus, Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Biology, Oxford University
  • Hong Quian
    Olga Jung Wan Professor of Applied Mathematics, Adjunct Professor in Bioengineering
  • Amin Rahman
    Acting Instructor
  • ESB
  • Eli Shlizerman
    Assistant Professor


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  • Phillips, Austin and Kot, Mark. (2015). Persistence in a two-dimensional moving-habitat model. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 77, 2125-2159. Learn more
  • Liu, Benjamin. Anatomically Realistic Structural Modeling of the Cardiac Purkinje Network A Basis for Studying Contributions of the Conduction System to Ventricular Arrhythmias. Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014. Learn more

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