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Name Title Email / Phone Office Hourssort descending
Zhang, Shanshan Graduate Student
Liu, Hexuan Graduate Student
Lyu, Zihui Graduate Student
Li, Kenan Graduate Student
Sutherland, Bethany Graduate Student
Solis, Sharon Graduate Student
Werra, Holly Graduate Student
Liu, Zimeng Graduate Student
Ugurlu, Kerem Research Associate
Brinkman, Braden Acting Assistant Professor
Kethireddy, Sritam Graduate Student
Ye, Ziqun Graduate Student
De Silva, Brian Graduate Student Monday 2:20-3:20 and Wednesday 12:00-1:00 in LEW 129
Sioutis, Stavros Graduate Student
Kang, Hyunjin Graduate Student
Huang, Jiayue Graduate Student
Davis, Brisa Graduate Student
Murray, Steven Director of Asset Allocation Strategies, Russell Investments
Shi, Iris Jianghong Graduate Student
Dichter, Mitchal Graduate Student
Manohar, Krithika Graduate Student
Karanu, Caroline Graduate Student
Yamada, Takuto Graduate Student
Hu, Ivan Graduate Student
Heimisson, Gudmundur Graduate Student
Dou, Chang Graduate Student
Cunnington, Taylor Graduate Student
Meyer, Carly Graduate Student
Gao, Charles Yuan Graduate Student
Zhao, Theodore Graduate Student
Slovetskiy, Sergey Graduate Student
Thompson, Lowell Graduate Student
Lai, Chenying Graduate Student
Chu, Yi Graduate Student
Simonson, Jack Graduate Student
Wang, Tingyan Graduate Student
Curtis, Emily Graduate Student
Ahmed, Kamal Graduate Student
Lee, Luke Graduate Student
Vogl, Chris Acting Assistant Professor, NSF postdoctoral fellow
Buvoli, Tommaso Graduate Student
Farkas, Matthew Graduate Student
Steven-Haas, Jake Graduate Student
McCabe, Kevin Graduate Student
Gary, Alanna Graduate Student
Everitt, Mark Managing Director, Blackrock Alternative Advisors
Lague, Marysa Graduate Student
Caldwell, Trevor Graduate Student
Hardwick, Gareth Graduate Student
Henniger, Jay Head of Model Review and Analytics OneWest Bank
Knox, Joseph Graduate Student
Johnson, Dane Graduate Student
Kohyama, Tsubasa Graduate Student
Jiang, Lun Graduate Student
Madavan, Ramanujam Graduate Student
Farrell, Matt Graduate Student
Guan, Danyi Graduate Student
Liang, Zicong Graduate Student
Wei, Jiahua Graduate Student
Kang, Chris Graduate Student
Carino, David Research Fellow Russell Investments
Wang, Wenxuan Graduate Student
Ma, Jack Graduate Student
Wu, Jingting Graduate Student
Chen, Tyler Graduate Student
Morrison, Megan Graduate Student
Barger, Weston Graduate Student
Mao, Yifeng Graduate Student
Zhang, Jingwei Graduate Student
Cisneros Paz, Jorge Graduate Student
Velegar, Meghana Graduate Student
Light, Devin Graduate Student
Criminale, William O. Professor Emeritus, Joint with Geophysics and Oceanography
Pattnaik, Sonali Graduate Student
Dai, Jingyuan Graduate Student
Fan, Daniel Graduate Student
Stern, Merav Research Associate
Voina, Doris Graduate Student
Wannasiwaporn, Wipada Graduate Student
Templeton, James Graduate Student
Kevorkian, Jirair Professor Emeritus, Joint with Aeronautics and Astronautics
(206) 543-6068
Gilbertson, Nora Graduate Student
Lee, Nathan Graduate Student
Ye, Xiaofeng Graduate Student
Wagner, Jake Graduate Student
George, Jithin Graduate Student
Henson, Micah Graduate Student
Boostanimehr, Navid Graduate Student
Qin, Xin Graduate Student
Wang, LianZong Graduate Student
Zhang, Jize Graduate Student
Kavle, Henry Graduate Student
Chen, Xin Graduate Student
Wu, Yujia Graduate Student
McMurray, John Chief Risk Officer Russell Investments
Levin, Roman Graduate Student
Maia, Pedro Acting Assistant Professor
Yang, Xin Graduate Student
Zheng, Jinze Graduate Student
David, Justin Graduate Student
Liu, Yuying Graduate Student
Zheng, Peng Graduate Student
Prezhdo, Eugenia Graduate Student
Zhou, Yang Graduate Student
Angoshtari, Bahman Research Associate
Sashidhar, Diya Graduate Student
Sharara, Fablina Graduate Student
He, Yihua Graduate Student
Gin, Craig Research Associate
Harris, Kameron Graduate Student
Yang, Ying-Jen Graduate Student
Hornof, Alexander Graduate Student
Xue, Yijia Graduate Student
Donnelly, Ryan Research Associate
Lacy, Katherine Graduate Student
Arora, Harsh Graduate Student
Lagerberg, Alexey Graduate Student
Baraldi, Robert Graduate Student
Zhu, Feibai Graduate Student
Jiang, Yindeng Senior Investment Analyst UW Endowment/Investment Management
Koch, James Graduate Student
Champion, Kathleen Graduate Student
Boone, Tony Graduate Student
Freund, Andreas Graduate Student
Kwan, Fu Graduate Student
Liu, YiYang Graduate Student
O, Kuan-Ting Graduate Student
Huang, Ke Graduate Student
Callaham, Jared Graduate Student
Gutierrez, Gabrielle Research Associate
Cheng, Yu-Chen Graduate Student
Tseng, Hsiu-Hui Graduate Student
Ferguson, Keith Chief Investment Officer UW Endowment/Investment Management
Medvinsky, Ari Graduate Student
Rudy, Samuel Graduate Student
Reistad, Garth Deputy Chief Investment Officer UW Endowment/Investment Management
Wang, Yue Graduate Student
Black, Kellisa Graduate Student
Ou, Baili Graduate Student
Sinha, Saumya Graduate Student
Choi, Hannah Research Associate, Washington Research Foundation Innovation Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroengineering
Xu, Yufeng Graduate Student
Santos, Sean Graduate Student
Deng, Haonan Graduate Student
Li, Zhichao Graduate Student
Bretherton, Chris Professor Joint with Atmospheric Sciences
(206) 685-7414
Atmospheric Sciences/Geophysics Building 704
Todorov, Emanuel Associate Professor Joint with Computer Science & Engineering
(206) 616-3568
CSE 409
Murray, James D. Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics, Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Biology, Oxford, Senior Scholar, Princeton, Visiting Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton
(609) 924-5124
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Guyot Hall, Princeton University Princeton NJ 08544-2016 USA
Creedon, Ryan Graduate Student LEW 105
Nguyen, Rose Graduate Student
(281) 683-6900
LEW 109
Maass, Kelsey Graduate Student LEW 110
Liu, Benjamin Graduate Student LEW 121
Upsal, Jeremy Graduate Student LEW 214
Mangan, Niall Acting Assistant Professor Lewis 116
Kutz, J. Nathan Robert Bolles and Yasuko Endo Professor , Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics
(206) 685-3029
Lewis 118
Lorig, Matthew Assistant Professor Lewis 202
Feldman, Laurie Graduate Program Advisor for CFRM
(206) 221-7727
Lewis 202B
Monday-Thursday by appointment. Available by email on Friday.
Franz, Derek Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead
(206) 616-0386
Lewis 203
Dissanayake, Keshanie Administrator
(206) 685-7143
Lewis 204
Adams, Loyce Professor Emerita
(206) 543-5077
Lewis 206
Deconinck, Bernard Chair of Applied Mathematics, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
(206) 543-6069
Lewis 207
Martin, Douglas Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics, Professor of Statistics, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Former Chair of the Department of Statistics Lewis 217
Austin, Matt Assistant Director for CFRM
Lewis 219
Th/F 10:30-11:30am or by appointment
Kot, Mark Associate Professor
(206) 543-0908
Lewis 230B
Li, King-Fai Acting Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-8898
Lewis 230C
Shlizerman, Eli Assistant Professor
(206) 543-6658
Lewis 230D
O'Malley, Robert Professor Emeritus
(206) 685-1905
Lewis 230E
Greenbaum, Anne Professor
(206) 543-1175
Lewis 312
Tung, Ka-Kit Professor of Applied Mathematics, Undergraduate Advisor, Adjunct Professor in Atmospheric Science
(206) 685-3794
Lewis 317
Qian, Hong Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator, Adjunct Professor in Bioengineering
(206) 543-2584
Lewis 319
Shea-Brown, Eric Professor
(206) 685-6635
Lewis 325
Hetmaniuk, Ulrich Associate Professor Lewis 327
By appointment
LeVeque, Randy Boeing Professor of Applied Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Earth & Space Sciences
(206) 685-3037
Lewis 328
Marcinko, Kelsey Graduate Student Lewis 110
Garcia, Tony Office Assistant
(206) 685-9620
Lewis 202
Lederer, Lauren Graduate Program Advisor, Undergraduate Advisor
(206) 616-9811
Lewis 202B
Mondays-Thursdays. Fridays by email.
Leung, Tim Associate Professor, Director of Computational Finance and Risk Management Program Lewis 217
By appointment (email)
Beaudry, Karen Career Services Manager for CFRM
(206) 616-9359
Lewis 218
Mondays and Wednesdays 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm or by appointment.
Price, Jacob Graduate Student Lewis 222
Hanson, Dan Teaching Associate Lewis 230F
Askham, Travis Research Associate Lewis 303
Swierczewski, Christopher Graduate Student Lewis 304
Bozic, Ivana Assistant Professor
(206) 543-5077
Lewis 306
Aravkin, Aleksandr Assistant Professor
(206) 685-5088
Lewis 317
Paredes, Federico Graduate Student Redmond, WA

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email / Phone
Boor, Carl de Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
(360) 376-1685
Brunton, Steven Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
(206) 685-3037
Brush, Lucien Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Buice, Michael Affiliate Professor, Scientist II Allen Institute for Brain Science
Burke, Jim Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics, Bioengineering, and Statistics
(206) 543-6183
Dennis, Jr., John E. Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Noah Harding Professor Emeritus and Research Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University
(713) 348-4094
Dimitrov, Dobromir Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Dumitriu, Ioana Professor of Mathematics , Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 616-8164
Durran, Dale R. Professor and Chair of Atmospheric Sciences, Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-7440
Fairhall, Adrienne Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics
(206) 616-4148
Ghate, Archis Adjunct Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
(206) 685-3072
Halloran, Elizabeth Professor of Biostatistics , Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics and Epidemiology
(206) 667-2722
Lewis, Mark Professor of Biological Sciences and Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta, Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics
(780) 492-0197
Luebeck, Georg Affiliate Associate Professor
(206) 667-4282
Masiello, David Associate Professor of Chemistry, Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-5579
Mihalas, Stefan Affiliate Professor, Assistant Investigator, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Moolgavkar, Suresh H. Exponent Vice President, Principal Scientist & Center Director Epidemiology & Computational Biology
(206) 618-3954
Nazareth, John Lawrence Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Washington State University
Pal, Soumik Associate Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Proctor, Joshua Affiliate Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Disease Modeling, Affiliate Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Riley, James Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-5347
Schmid, Peter J. Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 685-2971
Stinis, Panos Affiliate Professor Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing, PNNL
Sylvester, John Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-1158
Uhlmann, Gunther Walker Family Endowed Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics
(206) 543-1946
Wan, Frederic Yui-Ming Affiliate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics, University of California, Irvine
(949) 824-5529

In Memoriam

Name Title
Pearson, Carl E. Professor Emeritus, Joint with Aeronautics and Astronautics